Dot Ryan tells what's important to her                                                                                             

I am a fifth generation Texan whose family came to Texas in 1819 from Cambria County, PA. They were cattlemen, farmers, storekeepers, teachers, preachers, priests, saloon keepers, cowboys, and, though it generally wasn't talked about among my elders back in the day, a few Civil War Reconstruction Era outlaws: I think the disparate combination of all of them piqued my interest in history at a very early age. Fascinated, would be a better word.

Creating a story and doing the research required, is a highlight of my life. I love writing historical fiction. The hard work, headaches from eyestrain, carpel tunnel, circles under the eyes from loss of sleep because you can’t stop thinking about your story, is all a part of it.

To me, writing is a lot like being eternally in love with the right person.


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